Friday, October 19, 2007


We had a Celebrate! event last night, generally speaking they fall on the third Thursday of the month. We all had fairly big, new stuff happening in our lives, and new stuff can be challenging even when it's great.

Each of us seemed to be a little something, not really blue, although just the weather could account for that, not mad or sad, but a little something. Yet as we talked about what we are planning, why we are moving on, our spirits lifted.

I'd found some fun good news, like, did you know that wine, especially red wine, has antimicrobial qualities and can be beneficial for mouth health? Italian researchers found that out. I'm sure they have lovely teeth!

And there is a new bank in Hawai'i, the Pacific Rim Bank, that is giving 10% of it's profits to charities and non-profits. A bank tithing! Now that's the new millenium!

By the end of the evening, we each felt calmer, happier, more centered and present. Amazing what a couple hours of positive can do for a girl's outlook!

If you are in the area, next month we are meeting on November 15th. I will keep you posted.