Friday, January 05, 2007

Treasure Maps!!

Wow! We just had our first Treasure Maps class and was that an amazing experience! (I know, I know -- too many exclamation points, but it was cool.) I wanted to acknowledge all the help I received to bring this first class to fruition -- and I had a lot of help.

For those who don't know about Treasure Maps, they are a visual representation of a deeply desired goal, a collage of images and words. You place the picture somewhere where you will see it a lot every day. The images that show you at your goal reinforce themselves into your mind over and over. When you have to make a choice between something that leads you toward your goal or away from it you will find yourself naturally choosing the more supportive choice.

So, back to my thoughts on gratitude for today. First, I have to acknowledge how grateful I am to myself for a bunch of stuff. I am grateful that I have had the courage and tenacity to keep on trying to learn about how to reach my goals. This is one of my biggest issues. I have had lots of great ideas over the years, but couldn't figure out what to do to get them to happen. Now I know! That is nothing short of miraculous to me.

Ten weeks ago I came back from Florida where I had taken training to allow me to be an Unlimited Network Community Practitioner in Unlimited Body. If you don't know what that means, ask. Or wait, I'll be talking about it a lot more as we go on. Since then, I have actually started my business, the one I've been dreaming about for years. I have had a lot of help, more than I could have imagined asking for, believe me. And I have discovered that part of my achieving my goals is having the courage to ask for help, then accept it.

I am grateful to Rosie B for all her support, insight, comfort, playfulness, talent, humor, wisdom, and wheels! I am grateful to her for being around to share my success -- makes it easier for me if I don't have to try to feel it alone. I am grateful to her for responding to me when I'm feeling cuckoo, instead of reacting. Without you it sure wouldn't have happened now.

I am grateful to our participants; Anna, Diana and Pat for showing up, for contributing such great insights, for their clarity, understanding, creativity, willness to share their thoughts, joy, sense of fun, and feelings with us. Without youse it wouldn't have been.

I am grateful to J.P. for his unflagging steadfastness and conviction that I can do this. To my folks for their kind words and understanding. To Rosie Posie for all the help, listening, caring, and advice. To my exceptional teachers, Arne and Laura. D'uh.

I am grateful to the people of the University Baptist Church for creating a space that feels so good.

What are you grateful for today?